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Sep 28, 2010 12:00am CDT
worth? that's what a group of canadian players are doing set a guinness world record the long effort softball game ever. they started their game friday night they will finish it wednesday only 20 players are allowed on each team. as you can imagine substitutions could become an issue here. if you're keeping score at home and why wouldn't you, the old record is 115 hours. good luck to them. it is all about monday night football. take a look at the bears packers rivalry from every angle in tonight's photos of the day. . >>> nice. good outcome too. more photos from shing tribune photographers on our web site, coming up more from defer inhester and the chicago bears turning back the clock to 2006 as the bears and packers go down to the wire and ozzy guillen clarifying his future with the white sox. dan reason next in sports. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1